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Some of these fast-food places need to be purged.

I am so SICK of walking into some fast-food takeout joint and being treated like dog shit. While on vacation for the holidays at my parents' house in Pittsburgh, I've run into so many unpleasant, argumentative, and just plain rude line workers it's unbelieveable. Consider this an open letter to all fast-food grunts (and more than a few managers).

You are expendable. You're being paid $5-6 an hour and I understand that isn't much, but take a look around you. There are people all over the place who have been out of work in some cases for months, and would LOVE to have your job. Yah it isn't much, but a steady paycheck is a steady paycheck. All you little snot-nosed brats need to learn a little thing called RESPECT. I don't really care how drunk you got last night (and certainly do not want to hear about how many of your internal organs you managed to barf up). I couldn't care less about your soap-operaesque personal lives, your boyfriends, your girlfriends, or your parents. You are being paid not to gossip and shoot the bull. You are being paid TO WORK. Your line of work is CUSTOMER SERVICE, which implies SERVING CUSTOMERS. Why don't you try it sometime?

I'm not saying you have to fall in love with every man, woman and child that walks through the door. All I'm asking for is to be treated like a decent human being, and not Michael Jackson after a special slumber party at Neverland. If I have to send food back, that means it was screwed up so badly that I refused to eat it. That should be a signal right there that someone screwed up. When I tell you three times I don't want onions, and I get onions on my burger, I'm going to send it back. If I bite into said burger and find it undercooked, I'm going to send it back. And if I find bodily fluids of ANY KIND in my food, you can be damned sure I'm going to send it back, not leave the establishment until the individual responsible is dealt with, and NEVER RETURN.

Promptness would be appreciated as well. Now I understand when it's busy it isn't always possible to get served right away. I know how crazy those places can get (Both my brothers worked fast food for several years) and I understand and will wait a reasonable amount of time. (Then again if the place really is that busy, I'm likely to just leave and come back when it's calmer). However when the place looks like a ghost town, I shouldn't have to wait five minutes to get served because you're busy yapping in the back and not paying attention. Yes Tonya, I heard all about you and your little escapade with your boyfriend last night. Your ability to tell a story in such vivid detail is meritable. You should go into broadcasting, or perhaps writing professionally. However the particulars of your little tryst are not something I want to hear when I'm about to eat. (In case you're wondering, no they did not get my order right).

I don't know, maybe it's me. Perhaps I'm not speaking English clearly enough for them. I know my accent can be a little thick at times, but only when I get angry. I don't often go into fast food establishments angry. I often leave that way, though.

You all should be grateful I don't work as a manager in any of your workplaces. You can be assured you wouldn't last thirty minutes with that kind of behavior.

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