nmgirl98 (nmgirl98) wrote in bad_service,

I'm so mad now, I can hardly see straight.

My parents 50th anniversary is this Christmas Eve.  As a surprise, my husband and I booked a 4 day stay for them in a beautiful Bed and Breakfast in California.  This BnB is formerly a private residence.  50 years ago, it was my parents first married home.  The house was divided into 4 different apartments.

I found the Inn last year and decided that this is where they had to take their second honeymoon.  I even figured out which 'suite' was their former living quarters.  I was so excited about this!  I called the Inn, made a huge deal out of it being a secret for them, made the reservations and thought everything was fine.  Until tonight.

Hubby is staying with them as he flies out tomorrow morning for the day.  (They're closer to the airport and its easier.)  Hubby and I were on the phone talking and he was dad's computer.  He was shutting down different windows when my dad's email window came up and BOOM.  Right there on the screen was a confirmation email from the same Inn.   It would have been interesting had my dad made reservations for the same weekend in a different suite.

No.  He called the Inn and instead of them saying that weekend was booked up, they came out and told him that they were booked for that weekend.  As I said, they even went so far as to send him a copy of the reservation confirmation - INCLUDING THE NIGHTLY PRICES.

I know for a fact that the Inn Keeper made special note of the fact that this was a surprise for them as they were going to have champagne and other goodies for them waiting in their room when they arrived.  They had planned a special outing for them as well, as a treat.  The InnKeeper read back the note to me "Daughter made reservations. Surprise 50th wedding anniversary stay".

I've fired off a note to the Inn, explaining how utterly crushed I am about this.  I'm disgusted because I'd planned to reveal their trip in a very special way during their party - kind of a "This Is Your Life" type deal- had special guests lined up and so on from their wedding party.  I wanted to surprise them.  

Now I have to figure out either a new surprise for them or forget about it trying to surprise them.  They know about the party because, well, it's hard to plan a party like that for Christmas Eve with all the events of the day. 

Damn.  I almost made it - 3 months and I would have.  #*&$!)*($&#@)(*$&)@#%&)(*%)($*%

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