Call me Young Gun..... (fd_to_be) wrote in bad_service,
Call me Young Gun.....

Dear Best Buy guy,

I just want to buy this computer. I know enough about computers to know that this is the one I want. I know about hard drive and memory and this is the laptop I want to buy. Please don't ask me a million qualifying questions. I want this one and I want to buy it today.
I don't want to add on Best Buy's fantastic, super extended warranty. I'm sure it's wonderful and everything, I know you have to ask me and you are probably paid some sort of bonus if I buy it, but I don't want it. So stop telling me about it! I've said "no" about 5 times now! And don't look at me like I'm an idiot for not wanting it, or not wanting to engage in a 20 minute conversation with you! I want this laptop so please ring it up!
I hate going into stores because of people like you! I appreciate your willingness to help me, trust me, there are lots of stores that don't offer good help, but know when to back off!!
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