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Bad service... good ending.

There's a coffee shop just down the street from work.
We do a 'coffee run' at least once a day to this place so most of the staff know us.
I went in one day last week and ordered a couple of coffees.  The cashier, a new girl I've never seen before, gets the order and puts it on the counter right in front of herself.  She made no attempt to pass it to me or even push it in my direction.
I didn't actually notice this until I attempted to pay for the order.
I reached out with my money and this girl just stood there staring at me. 
Finally she made a kind of grunt and put her hand up and waited for me to reach across the counter and put it in her palm.
If I didn't know better I would have assumed this girl's arms were sewn down at the arm pit, making it impossible for her to lift them or reach out.
Unfortunately for her I had seen her making the order and she had no problem reaching over her head for things at all.

So I reached out a little with my payment expecting her to reach out and take it.
She didn't move.
She stood there with her hand at her chest waiting for me to put the money in it.

So I put it on the counter.  Reached out and gathered up my order and left.
As I turned I clearly heard her mutter "bitch."
I made a mental note that I would mention this to a manager next time around.

Cut to the next day.
I was the only person in the place at the counter and the same girl spent 10 minutes doing everything she could to ignore me.
Finally I said, "Excuse me?"
Another employee heard me and tapped the girl on the shoulder.  "You have a customer." she said.
Just then a second customer approached the counter so the bitch immediately begins serving him.
When she was finished she turned to me and said, "Can I help you?" in the snarkiest voice I've heard since first grade.
"Yes" I said, "Is your manager in?"
She got a weird look on her face and said, "No can I get you anything?"
"When will the manager be in?" I asked.
She shrugged, "I dunno." and she walked away from the counter.

So I got the other employee's attention.  She was working the drive through at the time.
"I'm sorry to bother you but when will your manager be in?" I asked.
She politely told me the manager was in the back and if I could wait a minute she would get him for me.
"Yes please, that would be great." and I waited.

The ignorant girl with the arms that don't work started slamming cups around and generally making a racket.
The manager approached me and asked what he could do for me, so I told him.
I detailed my previous experience with the obnoxious employee and finished by telling him she plainly lied when I inquired about talking to the manager.
He was clearly upset after hearing what I had to say but to my knowledge he never got a chance to do anything about it.
While we were talking the offending employee had apparently grabbed her coat and left.  It wasn't the end of her shift... she just ran away.

I guess she was just taking the initiative.  The manager said that mine was not the first complaint against this particular employee.  She was about to be fired and I was just the final catalyst.

I can understand bad days.  Especially when you work in a job like that.  But all I did was politely order food and pay for it and leave.  I really didn't think I deserved the kind of ire this girl was dishing out.
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