louise danger (alethiometric) wrote in bad_service,
louise danger

jewelry salesman lol

i was at my local mall with my mom, and we walked past the gordon's jewelers. gordons has a sale on this one ring [white gold, sapphires, diamonds] - it's $35. i'm hooked.

i walk in and the salesguy says "hello! :)" that part wasn't the bad_service.

me: i'm interested in that $35 ring :)
him: okay! *voice changes and isn't as friendly, is more snappish* come down here.
me: um, okay. /follows

so we sit down at the case and he gets it out. it's on one of those little stands that looks like a finger. he pulls the stand out of the case and tosses it, ring and all, in the air a little bit, so that it flips around. he catches it. think of someone tossing a coin or that type of motion. so i'm a little shocked, and he's in full Jewelry Salesguy on Commission mode. he hands the ring over and i'm looking at it; i like it a lot and i'm definitely going to be buying it. i take a look at the diamond on one side; it's so small i have to squint and turn the ring to see it, but it's a real diamond, by god. :] i turn the ring to look at the other diamond, a similar size... and see, instead, only a dark spot. i look a little closer, and turn the ring to try to make the diamond sparkle. no dice.

salesguy: /is saying something to mom
me: um, i think one of your diamonds is missing
salesguy: ...?!

he grabs it from me (doesn't ask me to hand it over, just snatches it) and starts turning it this way and that, the same way i'd been doing.

mom: ...you don't have a loupe in your pocket?
him: /some excuse

instead of answering mom's question straight out, he puts that ring back in the case and gets out one from the actual stock. i am pleased with it, and tell him that i'd like to buy it. so we go back to the register and he's talking with me and asks me about my shirt ("i is a kollege stoodent"). by this point, i am in "i just want to buy this, please leave me alone and finish the transaction" mode. but i'm still trying to be polite. he has called over a pseudo-trainee to do the actual mechanics of the transaction. she is very nice. i liked her a lot better.

him: a college student? what college?
me: [my art school]
him: art school, eh? what's your major?
me: animation.
him: oh, animation! does that mean you like, like, japanese animations and stuff?
me: [oh no.] i do, but i haven't watched them in a while.
him: oh, which ones? *is super excited now*
me: i don't know, i haven't watched any of the new stuff lately.
him: inuyasha?
me: no.
him: naruto?
me: i haven't really watched much of it.
him: ah, but here's the real test of whether you're a true animation fan: do you like dragonball z?
me: no.
him: ah, then you can't call yourself a true fan of animation! you're not a fan. blahblahblah
me: [....]

by this point, i am not feeling polite any more and i'd really just like the transaction to be over. if i had bought jewelry before ever, i probably would have cancelled the whole thing. i'm still thinking about doing it, a few days later.

him: you know, i have a great idea for an animation.
me: /vaguely interested sound
him: yeah, it's going to be spectacular. huge moneymaker. i'm going to be rich.
me: mmhmm
him: ...but i'm not going to tell you about it! no, i'm going to do it myself.
me: ....

nice lady: /prints the receipts

he explains to me that i can go on the website and fill out a survey about my service that day and i'll get a coupon if i do it, etc etc, and then tells me that he's "trying to drag [my transaction] out so that [the lady talking to my mom] can finish talking with [my] mom." i said thank you a little too early in the conversation, i think, which threw him off, and i walked over to where mom was sitting and she asked me what was happening with the resizing. salesguy didn't remember the register code for resizing off the top of his head and couldn't find the cheatsheet with the codes, so he said i could just pay for the resizing when i picked up the ring next weekend. mom thought that was a little weird, so i went to talk to a different girl who wound up having to ask him about it anyway.

i'll get my ring next weekend, it will be the correct size, and i'll pay the resizing fee then.

if i had ever bought jewelry before ever, i would have called the whole thing off. i'm still thinking about it, like i said, but i don't know. should i? at this point, it will involve reversing credit card charges and many legal hoops.

i really just wanted to punch him in the face. but man, the look on his face when i told him he was missing a diamond. haha.
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