Tiger Lily (tigerlily0) wrote in bad_service,
Tiger Lily

Discover Card

The bad service part: I've been getting called like five times a day for like the past month from 801-542-3991, which my caller ID says is "Discover Card". Since I don't have a discover card, I figured they were trying to sell me one, so I just ignored it, although obviously it was annoying. 98% of the time they don't leave a message. They left 3 cryptic messages in the maybe 150 or so times they've called.

Eventually, it occurred to me that maybe somebody got a Discover Card in my name, so I checked my credit report, but no, nothing was wrong there.

So finally I decided to call the number back after I got the 3rd cryptic message left on my answering machine.

The good service part: I got to a Discover customer rep who pretty efficiently figured out that they had the wrong phone number. They were looking for a different person in a different town who had the same name as me. The rep immediately said she'd make sure my phone number got removed from the account. Assuming that in fact the phone calls now stop *cross-fingers*, I was somewhat surprised at how easy it was! Considering the horror stories I've heard about dealing with customer reps, I expected all sorts of hassle, but it was no problem! :-)
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