pinkgatorgirl06 (pinkgatorgirl06) wrote in bad_service,

Not too terribly long ago, mom mom recieved a phone call from bellsouth. She already has bellsouth for me, and for her. This is where it gets amusing. The conversation went something like this:


M: Hello?
T: Hello, Mrs. -----. I"m calling you to offer a great deal on your long distance plan! The plan would be $26, which is four dollars less than you are paying now!
M: No it wouldn't. I'm paying $22 now.
T. Well, ma'am, I'm looking at the screen right now and it says you're paying $30!
M: No it doesn't. You better look again. *goes to get her bill*
T: *starts to say something, then hangs up*

Why the hell would you do that?! What a SCAM! Telling you that you're paying more than you actually are to actually get you TO PAY MORE?!?! I'd have left bellsouth if I were her...
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