creativexangst (creativexangst) wrote in bad_service,

Wow, Telemarketers are getting ballsy!! My mom got a solicited call from Verizon phone service. We have Time Warner for cable and internet, but we have Verizon for the phone service because once upon a time it was was good deal. Anyway, a telemarketer called saying that they had this new deal yadda yadda and said "hey i'm going to put you on hold for just a minute so you can check out this great deal". She places my mother on hold and my mother promptly hung up, not interested in the deal, and she also really hates telemarketers. The women CALLS BACK and leaves a message on our machine that my mom is saving "Oh well then, i guess you dont WANT the deal or THE SERVICE, never EVER do that to a telemarketer that STILL has your NUMBER!" (the caps are for the inflection in her voice) and then just as shes hanging up she mumbled out bitch. Which i guess she didnt mean to do but STILL. So my mom is saving the message and sending a letter to verizon to cancel all offiliation we have with their service and that we are switching.
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