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Miss DeVious DiVa

Target sucks harder than I thought.

An update on this post: http://community.livejournal.com/bad_service/945322.html

I decided to call Target today. I've never actually been that pissed off that I wanted to call and complain, usually I'm just like "whatever" and let it go. But the whole thing was so stupid and it pissed me off so much, I called.

The entire convo reeked of "I don't care, I'm gonna try to keep ending the convo as quick as possible, then when I hang up I wont do shit"

Once I got connected to the manager, this happened:

Him: What department can I connect you to?
Me: Hi, is this the manager?
Him: Yes
Me: I'd like to report an incident which took place at your store last night (yea I dont know why I worded it like this, I guess it sounded better than "I WANNA COMPLAIN" and I did want to start out with some level of civility since it wasn't actually him that fucked up)
Him: You're gonna have to come in person to do that.
Me: Why?
Him: You need to fill out a form.
Me: To complain about one of your cashiers giving me horrible service?
Him: Oh I thought you got hurt.
Me: No. (yea, I can see why he could've thought that)
Him: *breathes*
Me: Sooo for reporting bad service, I can do it over the phone?
Him: Yea *breathes*
Me: Ok. Well my mother and I were in your store last night around 9:30, we were helped by *bitches name* at register #. She started putting our bags on the floor instead of the counter. We were in a hurry so her doing that wasted time, instead of just letting us put the bags directly in our cart. My mom noticed this and asked her to give her the bags. She just looked at my mom and dumped the bag she was holding on top of the other ones. We had food, clothes and things that were breakable, we didn't want these things dumped on the floor, some had even started coming out of the bags. *pauses for a breath*
Him: *breathes* ok. I'll talk to her.
Me: That's not everything. Since there wasn't that much room behind the counter, she started stepping on some of our merchandise. When my mom noticed it, she asked to be given the bags and told her that she was stepping on our things.
Him: ok. (for real if I was managing a store and somebody had told me this, I'd be pretty shocked and disgusted. Not just like "ok yea whatever you done?")
Me: The worst part was she didn't even apologize, she didn't say anything for the rest of the time, she didn't even say "thank you" or "goodnight" when we were finished. That is the worst part, not only did your employee provide terrible service, on top of it she couldn't even apologize for it and was rude about it. Not that it would've made it better, but it was the least she could've done.
Him: ok. *breathes* Thank you for telling me, I appreciate it.

Here it seemed like that was gonna be it for the rest of the call. I can't type out the tone of the way the guy talked, but it really was indifferent and all the breathing made for awkward pauses everytime I paused for a breath. Like yea maybe dude is a loud breather, but it seemed like he was just standing there sighing and waiting for the call to end. I was getting pissed that this guy couldn't even apologize for the girl's shitty service, so since I knew that was all I could expect out of this call, I added this. Yea it was snarky, but after I had been civil this entire time and STILL hadn't gotten an apology,  I was heated.

Me: We've been shopping at your store for years, we don't expect this kind of service. If I wanted my food and clothes stepped on, I wouldn't even buy them. If this is how your employees are gonna act, I'll just go shop at Walmart, they don't dump my things on the floor and step on them there.
Him: ok.
Me: ok.
Him: Thanks, goodbye *click*

I'm still pissed off and dissatisfied. I don't think the guy is gonna talk to the girl at all. And the fact that he couldn't even apologize either? What the hell. Usually even the most indifferent people will at least say they're sorry for what happened, even if they don't mean it and just do it to get you to shut up about it. I'm tempted to try to find the next higher ups and write a letter about it, but I don't know who would be the next ones to complain to. Plus is it really worth it? Was the service bad enough to warrent this or am I overreacting?
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