melfice (melfice) wrote in bad_service,

Adventures at Wendy's.

On Thursday afternoon at about 3:45, I headed into the Wendy's near my campus to get some late lunch. I go up, exchange fun conversation with the cashier. I order a salad and a drink, pay, and head over to wait for it to bounce over to me.

As I'm waiting, there's this employee skulking (it's the only way you could truly describe it) around in the area behind the registers. She glances at the order display thingy, skulks some more, glares at me, skulks some more, and generally does absolutely nothing at all. Drive-thru is busy and there are actually several people eating in, so it's not dead. Everyone's scurrying about doing work.

But this chick. She just stands there, slowly skulking back and forth. Originally I thought she was glaring at me, but after a moment, I realized she was actually just making a glaring face. Um...Okay? Bad day, perhaps?

Cashier guy sets my tray of salad and drink on the counter, gives me a smile, and bops off.

Whoops. There's no dressing. So, I look at Skulky Girl, who is glaring/staring at me. Her expression, if possible, sours. But she's the only one not running around doing something, so I figure I might as well.

Me: Excuse me, miss? Could I get some ranch dressing, please? :D
SG: *glare* .... *walks over to the little fridge-thingy and takes one out* ... *drops it on the floor, picks it back up, walks over to me, and throws it at me*
Me: *watches package of dressing hit my arm* ...Um, thank you ^_^
SG: *looks me up and down* Like you NEED to be eating dressing.
Me: .... :/
SG: *walks back over to the display and stares at it*

The cashier guy had come back over at that point, so I asked him if I could talk to a manager. He told me one wasn't on duty, but that I could come back tomorrow and he'd be there.

Unfortunately I didn't have time Friday. But still. That just seemed really...inappropriate to me. I mean, I understand if you hate your job - I hate mine too. But still. That's just uncalled for :/
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