Learn It. Live It. Love It. (cindel) wrote in bad_service,
Learn It. Live It. Love It.

Ford doesn't care about Deafs

With permission from my friend:

My friend, a Deaf Woman had to take her car to a local Ford Dealership to get it check out because it's that time again. She call the place using Relay Service and was hung up on by a man named Steve. Now she dealt with Steve before and always does business with him.

So why is it now that when she called back the second time using Relay Service to make an appointment that he told his coworkers that he was talking to a "Ideal Typical Woman Deaf Dumb Blond"?

She was extremely pissed off and called back the next day to speak to the manager. Don, the manager told her that he couldn't do anything about it without proof. She has the transcript of the whole conversation; how's that for proof?

So today, we both went to the Dealership and she gave Don a copy of the transcript while she was getting her car taken care of. Don told us that he will discuss this with Steve.

He was really nice to her and gave her $100 off. Now we don't know if he's really going to do anything about this. She is thinking about sending a letter to corporate however I will be sending this story to Consumerist.

That comment was ignorant and unprofessional.
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