fadeddesignxx (fadeddesignxx) wrote in bad_service,

Not the worst service, but not the best.

So, last night was my birthday. :) I had a pretty good day, and it had been planned for about two weeks now, that we were going to be heading out to Boomerangs. It's a really nice steakhouse, and a nice restraunt, so I had been of course, looking forward to it.

So, the reservations were for seven, and my friends and I met up there. We sat down, ordered a drink, and they brough it to us. Then, they came back, I got daquiri, everyone else got pop... and we ordered appetizer's, and when he came back after, we ordered our meals. Good, right?

We were happy the waiter was nice, and made us laugh. :) 8:30 comes around... all we've had is the bread they give us, ceasar salad (comes with your steak, if you chose) and appetizer's. No meal. By that point, I had two drinks. So, when the waitor came by, he apologized... it was on it's way, would be five more minutes.

It was 8:50 by the time we got our food. Whilst the place was busy, everyone around us was getting food. Even steaks.He first took of appetizer's, but by the time the food arrived, we asked to speak to a manager, 'cause two hours waiting for food, isn't right.

They came over, apologized... and we got our meal for free. I apologized for asking for one, we've all worked in customer service, it was just... we were expecting to be out by 8:30. So... yeah.

Was I a total bitch, or was I justified? We didn't make demands, we just... weren't happy.
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