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Two incidents

I've worked retail on a number of occasions, and posted to customers_suck, so I know it can be hard to work service jobs.  On the other hand, I know bad service when I see it.  Now, these are not much compared to what I've read here (I'm never flying United), but they really got to me.

1) I was going out on a Saturday night with a friend in Adams Morgan, which is a bar/resturant district in DC.  She saw Maggie Moo's and had a craving for ice cream and I decided I could use some water, so we went in.  After waiting five minutes for the guy behind the counter to finish "serving" (read: flirting) with the girls in front of us, we were finally next.  That wasn't too bad, because we weren't in a hurry, but this was unacceptable: he asked my friend if she wanted anything, and when she responded, he ignored her and asked me the same thing.  I tried to point out that she wanted some ice cream, but he just went in the back like I'd said nothing.  Yeah, we're there because we like to watch ice cream being scooped.  It's entertaining.  The other guy behind the counter, who'd just come out of the back, just stood there.  I put my bottle of water back in the cooler and walked out.

2) This one really really got to me for personal reasons.  I went to The Body Shop in Towson MD to get a wedding shower gift.  I've been a customer of this company since I was in elementary school, and have worked for them two summers.  You know those posts about customers talking on the cell phone the entire transaction?  Try the CASHIER talking on her pink Razr the entire transaction- heck, the entire time my mom and I were in the store.  And it was a personal call that didn't seem horribly urgent, and it wasn't like the phone line was down or something. Also, if she had to be on her cell, she could have gotten off when she rang me up.  She did manage to say "Have a nice day" to me, but that was about it.  I was going to call the corporate line about this, but life got in the way.  It's the one and only time I've ever gotten remotely bad service there.

Edited to add: In the US there are two stores that go by the name Body Shop: a clothing store and the international body care and cosmetics chain.  I'm referring to the latter in my post.
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