Miss DeVious DiVa (thadeviousdiva) wrote in bad_service,
Miss DeVious DiVa

"You're stepping on my stuff...."

I went to Target tonight with my mom and everything was great until we went up to pay. Instead of bagging the stuff and putting the bags on the counter space like every other cashier would do, the girl dumps them on the floor in her area behind the register. What's the logic in this? The space behind the register looked like it was even smaller than the counter anyways (this gets important later). Besides, we didn't buy that much.

So after she did it with a few bags, my mom told her that she could just give them to her and she'd put them in the cart right away. We were trying to get out of there as fast as possible, so that made what she was doing even more irritating. I don't want my food, clothes and breakable items being thrown on the floor and spilling out, plus it's an inconvenience and a waste of time to wait for her to put the stuff back in and pick the bags up and give them to us when she could've just done that in the first place. I was standing right there too, usually I'll wait for them to put the bag on the counter, then pick it up and put it in the cart. That way there's still space, everything gets put in the cart right away, and everything goes smoothly. I couldn't go behind the register to get them.

What does she do when my mom asks her to hand the bags to her? She looks at her, turns around and dumps the bag on top of all the others.
Then on top of that, since there's no space anymore behind the register, she steps on some things that had spilled out of the bag and were covering the mat. At that point my mom told her to give her the bags and pointed out that she was stepping on her things. Did she apologize? No. She didn't say one word throughout the rest of the transaction. She didn't say "thank you" at the end or "have a good night" like the other cashiers usually do.

THAT is what pissed me off. Above everything else, if she had simply said "I'm sorry" or even had been polite at the end, it wouldn't have been so bad. I know some customers can be total assholes, even when the cashier hasn't done anything wrong. But this chick was horrible and my mom remained civil and she still had to be rude. This is just about the worst service I have ever gotten at a store, especially at this particular Target.
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