Alathia (alathia) wrote in bad_service,

Super sucky server

I had originally posted this in mock_the_stupid, but was told that it should be in bad_serviceas well.

I went out to dinner with some friends the other night. Here was the stupidity that ensued with the server.

Me: does this chicken cajun pasta have dairy in it? I can't have dairy, I'm allergic.
server: No, no dairy.
Me: ok, so no cheese or milk is in it, correct?
server: correct
Me: I'll have the chicken cajun pasta then.

The food comes. My chicken cajun pasta dish comes, looking great, except it clearly has parmesan or some other type of cheese sprinkled liberally all over it.

Me: wait, is that cheese on my dish?
server: yes, all our pasta dishes come with cheese on top!
Me: I'm allergic, could you please take it back and could I have the dish without any cheese?
Server: well, what's pasta without cheese then?
Me: Please. Take. It. Back.

After a stare off she begrudgingly took away my dish, and the manager comes up a few minutes later.

Manager: Is there a problem with your dish?
Me: Yes, I'm allergic to dairy, and the dish came with cheese on top.
Manager: Oh.

At this point and time the other women at my table chimed in that I had clearly stated I was allergic to dairy and had been told the dish would be dairy free. The good part was the manager was very apologetic and gave me a free dessert. The bad part was the free dessert was chocolate mousse with whip cream on top.

I was willing to give the server some slack, UNTIL my new cheese free dish came back.

Server: Sorry for the wait. Next time you should tell your server ahead of time if you have any food problems.

Needless to say, she got a small tip from me.
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