Sorrow (bluewingedcat) wrote in bad_service,

Christmas movie

Went to see RotK today. Fandango'd me a ticket. Got to theatre. Stuck card in machine. Got ONLY a customer copy for 10:21 am yesterday. Stuck card in ATM and ATM fizzled out. Had to be my card. So, I walked up to the usher to try to sort things out...

Me: Hi, I just tried to get my ticket that I Fandango'd and all I got was this customer copy saying I bought one, but no ticket.
Usher: Are you sure you didn't put it in your pocket?
Me: No, I couldn't have. This was the only thing that came out.
Usher: Well, are you sure you didn't put it in your pocket?
Me: *getting annoyed* Yes, I can't put something in my pocket that I DIDN'T GET.
Usher: Well, we have a lot of customers that accidentally stick them in their pockets. Are you sure?
Me: *I'm done* Sir, I am not a liar nor am I a scammer, as scamming makes movies more expensive.

At this point, he finally calls his manager, who just gives me a ticket. Was it that hard?

At least the other attendants were more pleasant, even pleased when I came and got them because I'd spilled my popcorn everywhere.
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