Genevieve (g_dawgmckickass) wrote in bad_service,

This one is kind of strange - but along the lines of the police service in the recent posts. This all happened about two years ago when I was living in Boston.

My husband and I are asleep in our apartment when, around 3 a.m., we are jolted awake by the soothing tone of what sounds like a jet plane. It takes us a few seconds to orient ourselves to realize that someone is *leaning* on our apartment buzzer. I get out of bed and peer though the peephole in our door. Our building was set up so it had a front door that was unlocked, and then a locked interior alcove entrance door where the apartment buzzers were located. Our personal apartment door was directly across from, and in full view of the front door.

Through the peephole, I could see that there was a really big guy behind the interior door, and he was systematically going down the line, leaning on the buzzer for each apartment. We could hear other people calling down on their intercoms yelling for him to cut it out. Needless to say, he didn't cut it out, and every few minutes, he would get back to our buzzer and press it for about 10 seconds before moving on, making going back to sleep impossible. I would have gone out and asked him who the hell he was, but our door was the only door that was visible from the entrance, and #1 - I didn't feel safe having this crazy stranger know exactly which apartment I lived in, #2 - I worried if I let him in, he might be dangerous and our apartment door would be wide open, and #3 - I thought that if I came out, realized that he was crazy, he would just buzz my door endlessly because he knew we were home.

So after a good long time of no one leaving their apartments, and him not letting up on the buzzing, I called the non-emergency police number and told them the story. I gave them my info, and they said they would send someone out. After a little bit, the buzzing stopped and we managed to get back to sleep. About 2 minutes after that, our phone rings (it's now like, 4:30 a.m. on a weeknight) and it's the FUCKING police. There is an officer at the front door who calls me, because I stupidly gave them my number, and he says "Hey, ummm, I asked this guy what he's doing and he says he lives here. Come let him in".

Are you fucking serious? This guy had no ID, no proof that he lives here, we've never seen him before in our lives, he just spent a fucking hour waking up everyone in the building, and now you want me to get BACK out of bed to let him in because he told you he lives here? Finally my husband got up and opened the door for the asshole, who, by the way, did not apologize or even say thanks. He just walked right by.

Good god! I'm sorry that you forgot your keys or whatever, but that doesn't give you the right to disturb an entire building full of people who have to get up in the morning. It would never occur to me that it was OK to do that. Go to the fucking HOTEL right down the street.

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