ecstacypsu (ecstacypsu) wrote in bad_service,

I've never had a problem with receiving packages shipped via UPS until today.  I've ordered from Victoria's Secret online many times and receive my order within a few days.  Not this time.  
While it's still been less than a week since I placed the order, according to the UPS tracking page I should have received it last night.  It was noted that "The receiver was unavailable to sign on the 1st delivery attempt.  A 2nd delivery attempt will be made."  It was also noted that the time of the supposed delivery attempt was 6:37 pm.  At that time, my 3 roommates and I were all home, lights were on, cars parked out in front of the house, and someone would have heard a knock at the door since we were all in the kitchen...about 15 feet from the front door.  I also thought that if they attempted to deliver & needed a signature, and  noone was home, that they'd then leave a notification.  I check this morning and there's nothing there.  
So I'm going to assume the driver was too lazy to even bother delivering my package.  Not only that, but any other time I've ordered from VS, they leave the package either in the mailbox or between the screen & inside door.  That's cool with me, at least it's there.  But why was a signature required this time?
I think I'll let it go until tonight.  If I get home and there's no package or a similar note appears on the tracking page, I'm going to call to complain.  It would be one thing if noone was home, but when people were obviously present, it pisses me off.
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