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My parents had a coupon for Ruby Tuesday that expired after yesterday, so last night, we decided to take advantage of it on its last day. All day long I was looking forward to it. Even though their salad bar is crap now that they've shrunk it, I enjoy those little mini-burgers. Before we went to the restaurant, I had to drop off a new prescription at the pharmacy, intending to pick it up after we ate.

Ruby Tuesday was busy, but not insanely busy. Tables were full, but there was no waiting for a table. I guess I knew the dinner wasn't going to be a pleasant experience when it took 15 minutes for someone to come get our drink orders. We ordered at the same time, too, since we'd had so long to look at the menu.

Then it was off to the salad bar as I had ordered the two-minis and a salad dinner. (I did notice there was no spinach on it. Heh.) Since it was moderately crowded, the line moved slow. Whatever. However, when we returned to the table, our drinks hadn't arrived. Nor did they until we asked the waiter about them. *shakes head*

Then our burgers finally arrived. As I can't stand mustard, I had asked to leave it off. I bite into it only to get a mouthful of mustard. Yick. I really, really can't tolerate mustard. Never have. So I send it back because dammit, I don't want to pay for something I'm not going to enjoy.

So I wait for my new burgers. And wait. And wait. Get antsy. Strike up a conversation with the people at the table next to us who were seated before us and still hadn't gotten THEIR food yet. Waiter finally brings out new burgers... and they STILL have mustard on them. How hard is it to leave something off??

By that time, we were all fed up. Told the waiter that it was still wrong, but I'd lost my appetite by then and we had to leave, since the pharmacy closed in half an hour. He said he wouldn't charge us for the mini-burgers, which was good because I wasn't going to eat them.

In all we spent about an hour at Ruby Tuesday. And by the time we were leaving, so were the people at the next table because their food never arrived at all.

The moral: Find some place new to eat. Which is sad as Ruby Tuesday is really the only "nice" sit-down place in our little town.
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