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Bloomington, IN Police

The post about the attempted robbery sparked a memory. I honestly don't remember if I posted it or not, but I don't THINK I did..If I did, it was a few years ago. Or just last year. Or.. But I don't think I did.

Before I start, it is to be understood that I have the utmost respect for the police force of any town, city, state... However, I do not LIKE a lot of the way BPD treated us on a regular basis. We got a bunch of crap from them, for no apparent reason. They had to deal with annoying college kids all of the time, I know, and at the time, Indiana University had just gotten that infamous #1 party town ranking, and they were trying to reverse that... The downside was that if you were of college age, you were treated like a horribly naughty college student, whether or not you were one.

Anyway. Onward. This is from... 2001 or 2002. We lived in a normally VERY quiet apartment complex full of older college students and small families, so it was very weird one night to come home to SUPER loud music. Like we could hear the words and the bass was shaking our stuff from the floor above loud. It was about 10pm, so we were like "eh, whatever. They can party hardy. It's not that late."

Roommate and I eat dinner, and it's still going on, so we go to Wal-Mart. We decided that if it was STILL going on by the time we got back, we'd curse the rest of our neighbors and go knock on the door. Went to Wal-Mart, came back, it was still going. We' go upstairs and we both just stand there in front of the door, like "Uhhhh.... You knock." "No, you knock!" "You do it!" Because we're like that. Finally, we knock. And knock. ANd knock. And nobody answers. Got a little bolder and pounded. Apparently music was so loud they couldn't hear that, either. So we go back down to our apartment, still a little displeased that apparently nobody else in the complex has an issue with this.

About 12:30am, I snap and dial the nonemergency number for the police.. THe phone just rings. And rings. AND RINGS. Like twenty times. So I hang up, try again. It still doesn't get answered. So I call AGAIN. I figure, "hey, it's a crazy college town, maybe something crazy is happening."

Nearing 1:00 am, I'm considering calling 911instead of the nonemergency number, since I know they're in the same building, but it was drilled into me as a kid to never ever use 911 for something like that, so I keep calling nonemergency, hoping someone would pick it up. However, at 1:15, I give up. I call 911.

Dispatcher: 911, what is your emergency?
Me: Uhm, I've been trying to call the nonemergency number for the last 45 minutes- *cut off before I can say why I'm calling!*
Dispatcher: Oh REALLY? Why did you call 911, then?
Me: Because nobody has answered me for the last 45 minutes.
Dispatcher: I find that doubtful. The phone is in the same room as me.
Me: .... be that as it may, sir, I've been calling for 45 minutes. It's been ringing. Nobody has answered. I have a situation, but it is not an emergency. The people above me-
Dispatcher: Then you shouldn't be calling 911. THat's what the nonemergency number is for.
Me: I TRIED to call that, sir. If someoene would care to call me back from another number, I could stop tying up the emergency line.
Dispatcher: *something along the lines of if you'd called it first..* *hangs up*
Phone: Ring ring ring!
Me: Hello?
Dispatcher: Okay, what is your PROBLEM?
Me: .... *oh god, same guy.* Our neighbors upstairs have been playing very VERY loud music since 10pm.. It's shaking the stuff in our apartment and we can't sleep.
Dispatcher: You called 911 for that?
Me: *snap* NO. I called the NONEMERGENCY NUMBER for that. When it didn't get ANSWERED for 45 minutes, I called 911. SIR. I was raised to not ABUSE emergency lines, and I was TRYING to AVOID that, SIR.
Dispatcher: .... *finally tells me what they can do about it, and says they'll do something.*

The good news is that the music finally stopped around 2:00, whether it was because of the cops or because the people simply went to bed... After hanging up and climbing into bed, it occurred to me that I should have gotten the dispatcher's name, but I didn't. I filed that away as "do that next time something like that happens so you can complain properly," and then actually REMEMBERED the next we had an issue. Which is not appearing in this post. Because this is the end.
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