Rouk (roukzeptea23) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service is going to a nice sit down chain restaurant, paying $2 for a glass of coke, and never getting a refill the entire time.

I was drinking water and I got one refill (when my class was only 1/3 empty) before we got our entries. That's fine since I drink slowly and I didn't go thirsty. My husband, on the other hand, never got a refill. His glass sat in plain view, empty, while the waitress walked by and glanced at our table many times. Finally, when she came over to ask if we needed anything, he asked for a refill of coke. She came by more times, and got us other things (like desert, which we at a little bit of and then boxed up to take home), but never a refill even though we asked some more. Finally the bill was paid and food was put up (we kind of got rushed there at the end even though we hadn't been there a very long time) so we just gave up on asking again for the refill or finding someone else to get it for us.

Our bill ended up being large for two people, since deserts are expensive, and I've been tipping pretty well lately so this girl could have made a pretty good tip. Instead, it was very small. Her service in general (aside from the refill) was just a little lacking, but we're easy to please. All we want is to get a stinking refill on the coke sometime during the meal, especially when we ask and ask for it!
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