Longtail (longtail) wrote in bad_service,

Maybe Gas Prices Are Worth It After All

So I planned to go to go to the bank this morning during the time I usually have between connections on the bus to work, but I'll have to do that tomorrow for the extremely stupid reason that my bus driver spied another driver/friend of his walking on the street AND STOPPED TO TALK TO HIM. Just pulled over, opened the door, and started talking.

We weren't at a bus stop and it wasn't about anything important, just what they did over the weekend and asking after each others familys and what not. The street wasn't that wide so cars behind us were honking and having to slide around us. Everyone else on the bus was like "WTF?!"

A couple of people called the driver on it, and he snapped at them to be quiet, that we'd be on our way in a minute; they were still on time.

Well maybe we might have been, almost ten minutes later, except it was unusually busy this morning so everything was further delayed by having to pick up other people (who were all wondering why the bus was so late).

So we got there a full 15 minutes later than we should, I had five minutes to make my connection, and had to skip my errands. Which while annoying was not a big deal, but I feel sorry for everyone else who ended up late to work because their bus driver couldn't be arsed to call his friend on his lunch break.

And yes, complaints to Metro have been made.
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