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So on my way down to Ripon this morning, I decided to stop for breakfast at Country Waffles on El Camino. The service was absolutely pathetic: the food was cold, she never refilled my coffee, and then took a good twenty minutes (at least!) to bring me my ticket after I asked for it--more than enough time to finish reading the paper TWICE. I didn't think she deserved a tip, but I certainly would have felt like a grinch by stiffing her on it on Christmas Eve, so I gave a $3 tip for the $7--very generous under the circumstances. (I normally do 15-20%, especially if it's a place I plan to which I plan on returning.) I've been to this Country Waffles before, and the service has always been above average, so I'm just going to chalk this one up as a fluke. Still, though, had today not been December 24th, I probably would have left only $1 for the gratuity, although she didn't deserve even that. Granted, they were moderately busy, but it shouldn't take 20 minutes to bring a bill, and coffee should be refilled at least a couple of times.

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