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I worked a 12/hr shift last night and figured I would stop off at Walmart this morning to get an oil change on my car before going home. I thought if I get there just before it opens I should be in and out in less then an hour......HA!

When I pulled up and parked the car it was 7 minutes to 8 and they open at 8. There was a small line of people waiting so I went and took my place, I was the 4th customer.The doors opened at 8 and we filed to place our request. At this point no garage staff was there except the guy taking the orders and he commented that one had already called in sick so he couldn't give an estimated time. The 3 people ahead of me wanted oil changes as well. We gave the keys and went about our business.

The lady behind me had a tire that needed to be replaced so she rolled it in with her. While we were standing outside I overheard her saying that they told her to be at the store 15 minutes to 8 this morning to help her with her tire. I thought it was weird since they didn't open until 8...but whatever.

I left my keys and went to McDonalds for breakfast. When I finished eating I went and looked at junk. Shortly before 9 I headed back to automotives to see how things were going. My car was still outside and the lady with the tire was still there and not impressed. She started bitching to me that it was taking way too long and she talked to a manager. She told the manager that she was told it would be done first thing in the morning and just over an hour later she was still waiting. She basically bitched to anyone who would listen.

As I sat there I overheard the counter guy giving 5 hour estimates for any work to be done. Most customers would balk and walk away....I sat and waited...thinking maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Shortly after 9 I noticed my car was in the garage a few minutes later she told me that the guys working in the garage were gone. She timed these guys and when they came back they both had coffee's and they were gone 40 minutes. She was livid and I was starting to weigh heavily on her side. Why the hell would they go for such a long coffee break so early in the shift and leave no one working on the cars?

At 10 to 10 the lady told me that they still haven't worked on her tire and she had to leave at 10. They were working on doing my oil change...I think.

At 10 o'clock the woman tells the counter guy to get her truck out of the garage ...she has to leave. The counter guy hollers out the window and tells the guy to move the truck out. Nothing happens...the two guys are busy doing other stuff like talking to their friends. By this point 2 separate guys had come in and both had approached the workers and gave the funky hand shakes and pats on the back. They obviously knew each other but that didn't bother me....yet.

The tire lady had left and returned with a manager. She wanted her truck and he told his staff to get the truck out of the garage. The guys finally moved their asses to get the truck out. The lady went out in the garage bay...then came storming back in "THEY BROKE MY CLUTCH!" she was royally pissed! The counter guy took cover helping other customers and she went and got the manager. By this time it was 10:15 and she had an appointment at 11. All she wanted was a new tire put on a rim....not even put on the truck. The manager and workers gathered around her car sat there with the hood up.

Around 10:25 they got her truck out in the parking lot. She came back and told me they couldn't fix it. She told them to have her tire ready when she got back...and left very angry.

I looked out the window and what did I see? My car being worked on? Oh no! The guy was outside helping his buddy with HIS car behind the bay my car was in! Now is when I got pissed off! I said to the counter guy "since when is it ok to keep a customer waiting to work on a friends car?" He couldn't answer me. I told him that my car should have been completed first. He told me it was done. WTF?! Then why is it still there? I paid the bill and the counter guy hollered at the guy to take my car out of the bay. It is now 10 to 11 and I'm exhausted and just want to go home to bed.

I get in the car and drive the short distance home. When I got home the first thing I checked was the oil to make sure things were done ok... IT WAS FAR FROM OK!! Oil was spewing below the oil filter. I checked the oil and it was almost empty! I hopped back in the car (after letting my poor dog out to go pee) and headed back to walmart. Once I parked the car in the same spot, I got out and looked at the pavement. Sure enough! A large puddle of oil..was not only there but also at the spot the guy parked the car when he pulled it out of the bay. Not only were there puddles...but there was literally a line of oil showing the angle the car was backed out and when I left. I actually followed the sporadic line of oil all the way back home. I was lucky the oil light didn't come on and wreck my engine! Anyway...

I go inside and ask to talk to a manager the new counter clerk points to the other counter guy and says he's the manager. He takes one look at me and says "oh no...he will need another manager." He tells her to call this other lady. The woman comes and tells me she is a manager and asks what I need. I told her to follow me outside. We go out and I point out the large amounts of oil and the oil trail. She takes my receipt and we go back inside the store. I told her I shouldn't have to wait another 3 hours to get this looked at. A woman customer sitting there heavily sighed when I said that. lol but not really lol. The counter staff were now telling people that no more customers would be looked at today. It was 12:10 by then.

The manager looked at my receipt and pointed out that it said I have an oil leak. I do have a small one. Small enough that I have only had to top off my oil once in 3 or 4 months and it was only down half a liter. Not many liters in 10 minutes. She kind of gave this "yeah right" look but told them to bring the car back in to look at. Nice to make a customer look like a liar. Anyway...

The car was brought back in...turns out they put the wrong oil filter on and that dirt was on the gasket and should have been cleaned off so the seal wasn't formed. The manager was gone by then...I wanted to HA in her face but decided that I was by then too cranky and tired....I just went home. When I got home I re-checked the car and it looks good. It was 12:40 and I went to bed.....note to self...never go back on a monday.

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