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Bad service at the Doctor's Office.

I don't know if this qualifies as bad service but it does to me.

For the past three years I have had a great doctor. Her name was Elizabeth Laffey. She was competent, relaxed, and open and willing to discuss all aspects of my life. As a gay man in a long term relationship it was important to me that I have a doctor that I can be completely open and honest with.

I have had a small medical issue over the past couple of weeks and decided it was time to go see the doctor. I called the office and learned that what was once under the control of St. Louis University was now under the control of the Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation. No big deal I thought, I will just make the appointment and see Dr. Laffey.

When I got the appointment nurse I was told that Dr. Laffey was no longer in practice there and that I was now under the care of Dr. Barron.

Now, I understand that staffing changes may occur. But it would have been nice to have gotten a letter saying that Dr. Laffey was leaving and that from now on I would be seeing Dr. Barron. I mean I already had a relationship with Dr. Laffey. She knew my issues and various health concerns. As such I don't think that it is unreasonable to expect that I would be notified when my primary care doctor is changed. I really feel like I was traded like a baseball card and that I am expected to just take which ever doctor I am assigned.

Am I justified for feeling this way or am I just being an Entitlement Bastard?
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