Amy (starshucks) wrote in bad_service,

I'm not exactly sure if this is bad service or just me being annoyed...

Three weeks ago, my mom ordered new shoes for me from Fingerhut and I waited a week and no shoes arrived, my mom called customer service and they said the shoes were on the way and should arrive soon. Well no shoes arrived and I gave it about another week and a half and still no shoes. My mom was on vacation so I had to wait until I could call her without charging her a arm and a leg. So on Wednesday I called her and gave her the info to call customer service again. They said the shoes had arrived in Vancouver and should be delievered Thursday-Saturday. No shoes. So I am giving them until today. They told my mom they shipped the Shoes USPS. So it could be bad service on both part. I think it's silly that big companies use the USPS but thats just me. I dont know... I'm just annoyed.

Anyways, thanks for letting me ramble ^.^;

Edit: Thank you for all your replies. We didn't know Fingerhut was that bad or evil. I really do hope my shoes come today... with rainy weather and a two holes in your left shoe really sucks.

Edit again: My mom called customer service and they said that they have a 30 day shipping policy and there is nothing they can do about it until it's been 30 days. This was after we were told they just gotten into Vancouver and should've been gotten them by now... Methinks they just shipped them.
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