azetburcaptain (azetburcaptain) wrote in bad_service,

Some hope out there!

I am posting this here because I want to give you all hope. Or at least get you all to move to Toronto. Mmm. Best restaurants, I swear.

We went to Grill Time near College since we were starved. We ordered 2 all you can eat dinners (v. good price $12.99/person) and yes we got served at the table. Whatever we wanted, we got. The system in this restaurant is very few items are cooked; the rest you cook yourself on a small but very fast grill. The waiters were fast; once you asked them for something, you could expect it at the latest in 5 minutes (!) and the earliest in 30 seconds. (which kind of freaked me out.)

Minor things: They advertised green tea icecream, which both my SO and I love so we ordered some, but another waitress returned, with a red bean icecream, apologised profusely and let us know there was NO green tea ice-cream to be had. Dessert was on the house, and I enjoyed my red bean ice-cream. (I'd never tried it before)

You didn't have just one or two waiters serve you, but more or less the entire staff. This was confusing at times, but they were all friendly and of course spoke great English. (Toronto is very multicultural, 90% immigrants, I swear.)

A tall cute waiter (Asian with the cutest goatee. Large eyes omg) spilled Nestea on my hand, while pouring it into my glass. He was extremely apologetic (it wasn't even hot liquid, it's not like I'd die or anything!) while I said "It's okay, do you have napkins?" and promptly wiped myself and matter was forgotten. I've never had that happen to me ever so I actually found it funny.

We were also brought fresh fruit at the table, at the end. I liked it very much since it was melon, and watermelon... mm good.
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