Amanda (lea724) wrote in bad_service,


This may not be exactly bad service, but it bothered me, anyway.

I was at Taco Bell this afternoon to get some lunch. Even though there was one person in front of me ordering a not very large meal (four different tacos) and four people working on the food, it took a while for them to get the food out to both the person in front of me and to me. Needless to say, I had a lot of time to watch the food-makers prepare the tacos.

For all four people who were preparing the food, not one had on gloves. They were all putting their bare hands into the cheese and lettuce and on the tacos. Now, maybe it's not required to wear gloves, but it completely grossed me out (but not enough for me to not eat my meal :) ).

I also didn't have the nerve to ask about it.

Does anyone know if it's required to wear gloves when handling food? If it turns out that it is required, should I notify a higher-up that that particular franchise isn't following the rules?
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