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Update to this post.

I haven't received an email back from the Bed Bath and Beyond website. I am mildly irritated because that is part of what *I* do for a living -- respond to emails sent to my company's website. After having a few days to think about the situation, and a ton of (mostly) helpful comments to my previous post, I went to Linens and Things after work yesterday. I found a WONDERFUL set of curtains, a lovely shade of blue in a slightly more practical fabric, still a little bit of shiny-ness to them, they had the 63" length in stock, AND they were cheaper than the ones I found at BBB.

I am quite pleased :)

I am planning on writing a (polite) letter to BBB explaining my experience, and that I now plan on going to Linens and Things for my various apartment decorating needs. Granted, losing one customer probably won't make them completely re-evaluate their business model, but I think it is worthwhile to keep them updated on the fact that their excessive shipping fee did cause me to re-evaluate my store loyalty.

Thank you again to everyone's suggestions and assistance!!

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