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Not a complaint of BAD service, necessarily, just confusing service.

I checked my Starbucks Duetto Visa [Chase-owned] account this morning and discovered it was over the limit by $75. I haven't used this card in ages, so I'm sitting here wondering how this might have happened [although I DO pay the minimums every month, as I am paying off one card at a time and this is last on my list]. I look at the statement summary, and apparently, there was a $7 payment made out of my CLOSED checking account at National City on 9/3/06. This payment was then returned, obviously, and then I was charged a $39 overlimit fee and a $39 returned check fee. Note that the National City account has been closed for several months and that since I closed that account, I do all of my bill payments through my new bank account at Chase. Not to mention that on the 3rd of September, I was out of town for my anniversary, nowhere NEAR my computer.


So I make sure that none of my accounts - current or former - are set up for automatic payments, which they weren't. I call the Starbucks account service center first. I am then told that they don't know HOW this payment would have been made, but to call the bill payment department, and then was given that phone number. I call them, and they're closed today. I then call the Starbucks people back and tell them as much. They then look at the account again and say that it seems that the other bank should have that information on file, and to call the other bank.

So I call National City. They tell me there is NO record of ANY activity on that account, and that any activity from the closing date onward would show - including a payment attempt. They fax this to me and tell me to call the Starbucks service center again. I do so, and Starbucks tells me that there is absolutely nothing they can do, and that I am responsible for this activity, even though National City has told me that no such payment was ever attempted through the old account. The woman says to me, "It's not my fault that your old bank can't seem to get its records straight." She then tells me that the payments need to be made right away or I will continue to be charged. I ask if there's ANYTHING that can be done, as I didn't authorize this payment, and that no one else could have accessed my information to my knowledge because no one else knows my password. She tells me that there is no one who is authorized to refund late fees, returned check fees, or overlimit fees. She also refuses to give me her name.

So I hang up, but then get a little more confused looking at my bank statements. According to the Starbucks account website, NO PAYMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE FROM 7/21 UNTIL 9/3, the date on which the returned payment was made. ...this is especially funny, because payments have been authorizing to Starbucks from my Chase checking account, which I confirmed through a Chase representative.

So this Chase representative gets a Starbucks representative on three-way calling and explains this to him. Then she gets off the line and lets me talk to him some more. The guy seems just as confused as to where half of my payments are, as well as where that payment from 9/3 came from, as I am. We sit there in silence for a minute and finally, he says, "You know what, since I can't figure out what the heck is going on, I'm just going to refund you $75 and be done with it. You can also call for a credit limit increase - I dont' know if you'll get it, but it might help." And then he tells me that the refunded fees may take a billing cycle to reflect, but that it's noted on the account and I won't be charged for anything in regard to these fees.

So, there's some good service. As to the rest of it, it's not necesssarily BAD, as I said - I'm just SO confused as to what the hell bank screens show, because everyone seemed to have a different story. I also have to wonder whether the fees will actually get refunded, as I have heard horror stories about promises being made and not kept as to these situations, but I'll have faith... for now.

Anyone else have similar experiences? Anyone else have any positive outcomes?

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