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i haven't received the service yet, but my carpet is being cleaned tomorrow. these people usually always do a good job and i guess have reasonable rates (the parents pay for it cuz they own the property = tax writeoff).

which means i had to clean. i hate cleaning but has to be done. picking up the carpet....duh. i know that has to be done. the rest i found kinda pointless but did it anyway. my logic: why should the carpet cleaners give a damn about anything other than the carpet?

yet my mother tells me that they supposedly said the floors had to be scrubbed. um excuse me?? they are being paid to clean the CARPET, not the (linoleum? i think that's what they are) floors. i'm wondering if she BSed that line cuz i don't see how they'd have the right to say word one about anything other than the carpet being picked up so they can clean it.

do you think they can really tell customers this? i don't see how they can when the non-carpeted floors are NOT their concern.

thanks in advance.
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