Charlotte (claddagh812) wrote in bad_service,

There's a small, locally-owned restaurant my fiancé and I like to eat at. We don't go there often because it's not the best food ever, but it is usually good for a reasonable price. The service, however, is...not always reliable, and sometimes it flat-out sucks.

Last week we went to the restaurant for supper because I was craving a calzone, and they have the best in town. Nearly all the booths were full, but considering there are only about 15 booths in the entire place, that wasn't too many. (One wall -- a line of booths. Opposite wall -- a line of booths. Center -- kitchen. That's it.) The only unoccupied table is covered with the previous customers' dirty dishes. Three waitress are working. One tells us to go ahead and have a seat, she'll come by to clean up the table in just a minute. So...we sit down and wait. Fifteen minutes later, after watching all three waitresses walk back and forth, completely ignoring us, my fiancé tries to briefly get the attention of the waitress that had told us to go ahead and seat ourselves. We have no menus, the table is still dirty (not even the dishes had been taken away), and no one has made any attempt to bring us menus or drinks or to clear away the table. Before he can say anything, though, she promises she'll be right back and runs off yet again. After another fifteen minutes of being ignored while the waitresses chat with customers who seem to be regulars, we get up and start to walk out.

Then one waitress looks at our table and tells the girl who supposedly was going to clear away the dirty dishes that we didn't leave her a tip. She then starts screaming at us about being cheap bastards and ranting about how on earth she's supposed to pay her rent if we don't tip her. My fiancé replies with a comment about how we're usually very generous with tips...but only when our servers actually clear off the previous customers' dishes, bring us menus, bring us drinks, take our know, ACTUALLY SERVE US.

If her face hadn't already been red from the screaming, I think she would have blushed. The look on her face as she actually looked at the booth where we'd been sitting was priceless. A couple of customers were laughing by this point. She started to frantically apologize and clear away the dishes, but we just walked out. We were both so aggravated by that point that we just went home and ate microwave popcorn for supper because we didn't want to deal with going to another restaurant.

And now I want a calzone again. Grrr.
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