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Not Bad just Annoying

After a long day at my job, I realized I needed to stop by Safeway on the way home. Not really a big deal, and I go to the one 5 minutes away from my house. I grab my items and as I reach the checkout counters I notice the one ahead of me is empty. The cashier and bagger are chit-chatting away because their line is clear. Not a problem, but guess what guys you now have a customer! That’s right me with my 6 items and to add to that my treat for the day a can of Red Bull.

Now here is were my annoying service starts, the cashier has his phone out and he is text messaging someone. I give him a moment then he places the cell phone under his apron with one hand, and with his free hand he is ringing me up. I keep my smile on my face, and wait for a hello or something. But instead he is way too busy talking to his bagger. This is just really annoying not only is he have an in depth conversion in front of me, but the minute I swipe my credit card through he is on his cell phone messaging again.

I needed to get out of there, and I didn’t want to come across as a rude customer so I stayed quiet. He handed me my receipt and told the bagger he was failing some classes. Instead of saying anything towards me. The bagger hands me my things and says, “Have a night day..”

I told him, “Have a nice conversation,”

Not bad but annoying...
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