Ilay (vermanatorx) wrote in bad_service,

Okay what the hell!!!

I just called my college to find out my grades because they aren't posted yet and I wanna know them and the lady over the phone sounded like she had an attitude! All I did was ask if I could find out my grades and she mumbled something so I said "excuse me?" So she repeated herself and said she can't give out grades over the phone. I told her "OKay, thank you have a nice day." And she just hung up on me!!!! Okay what ever happend to common curtesy! Maybe she is getting 500000 calls a day asking for grades and quite possibly getting bitched at but its only 1pm and I wasn't rude or had an attitude. She could have sounded a bit nicer and not just hung up on me with out saying goodbye. Okay I'm done ranting for now :)
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