Guinethe Fae (guinethe_fae) wrote in bad_service,
Guinethe Fae

Simply no excuse

Hey there, I'm new here so this happened a little while back, but, man, it just boils my blood when I think of it.

My husband and I drove through the drive-thru at a local large fast food hamburger chain restaurant.  It was about 1:30am.  My husband ordered a "Six-Dollar Bacon Avocado burger, no cheese, no onions and no tomatos, please. and and order of criss cut fries.  Thank you."

He was given a total and asked to pull up to the window.  He paid for the order and was given the food.  There was no one else in line or around, for that matter.  Just after pulling up about 2 car lengths, he asks me to check the burger.  He really cannot stand cheese and so often it is still on an order even after requesting no cheese.  Yay!  No cheese, however, no bacon either!  Just bun, patty and guacamole!  

So, he go back around through the drive-thru and when he pulls up to the window, the cashier (C), a younger, well-built male, opens his window and says, ":What?!"

Type your cut contents here.My husband (MH) says he checked the burger and that although there was no cheese as requested, there was also no bacon.

*Interrupts* "We don't got no bacon."
MH: Then I would like my money back, please.  I ordered an avocado bacon burger, not an avocado burger.  I was not informed when I ordered that you had no bacon.
C:  "well, I'm telling you now."
MH: Again, I was not told when I placed my order or I would have chosen something else. (At this point, my husband was still willing to place an order for something else, but...)
C: *somewhat under his breath* "Whatever."
MH: *Now upset* Let me speak to your manager,please.
C: What?!
MH: I asked to speak to the person in charge.  I'm done speaking with you.
C: I'M IN Charge!
MH:  Then, may I please have the number to your regional manager.
C: I don't got the number.
MH: What do you mean, you don't have a number for your regional manager?  Please, just get my money and I'll call the manager tomorrow morning.
C:  I TOLD YOU, I'M IN CHARGE. *shoving money out the window at my husband*
MH:  I just told you I did not want to speak with you. *starts to drive off*
C: *yelling out the drive-thru window, screaming multiple expletives* F**K You, you yellow bellied coward!
MH: *Reversing the car back to the window and shoving his bag of fries thru the open window*  And give me back the money for these fries, I don't want them now, either!
C: What the F**K is your problem!  Don't throw your S**t at me.
MH:  Look I had no problem until you said "Whatever".  What kind of customer service do you think you are providing?  Just give me my money back so I can leave.
C: *Shoving money at my husband* Man, F**K You.
MH: *Pulling away* No, Screw you, man.
C: *Continuing to hang out the druve-thru window* Screaming more expletives and "I'll kill you!"

The next morning I went and spoke to the manager on duty who apologized, stated they should have had all contact numbers on hand and tried to give me all the food in her store, it seemed.  She was apologetic, however, she tried to downplay the actions a bit by saying, "He had a death in the family.  In fact, he is on a bus back to Texas this morning for the funeral."

Excuse me, but a death in the family is No reason to excuse such behavior.

Supposedly she was going to talk to the regional manager about having him fired.  But, I've only ventured to go back there once during the day because my husband was hungry and really wanted a six-dollar bacon avocado burger.  Well, it had bacon this time...and cheese.  Never again.

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