_nextboldmove_ (_nextboldmove_) wrote in bad_service,

I am sick and tired of Wells Fargo.

I moved to Missoula, MT two months ago from Minnesota--where I did all my bank at a chain that was small--only 5 local branches.  I switched to Wells Fargo because there was one close to my house and my job.

I have yet to recieve my checks I ordered, or my ATM card.  2 months!  Every time I ask about it, the tellers just tell me "sorry".

I have a checking and a savings account.  I elected not to have any money automatically transfered from one to another--yet when I look on my statement---money has been transfered.  I had to quick depost cash in the checking account so I didn't overdraft--cuz even if I have OD protection it's still a ding on my credit report.

I plan on canceling all my accounts with them as soon as my auto-depost check from work is no longer auto-deposited.  I'm closing the savings account today.

I've also had horrible service at one branch.  I don't understand why banks don't leave withdrawl slips out anymore.  You have to stand in-line, get a slip, and then they tell you to leave the line and fill it out to the side, so you have to stand in line again.  The are so focused on the drive thru that I have timed my wait to 30 plus minutes--no kidding!  My email complaint to corporate seemed to be answered with an auto-message.  Meanwhile, they are so focused on getting the cars thru in less than 3 minutes that they ignore the people who bothered to get off their butts and go inside.  I think that it's unacceptable to answer drive thru calls when people inside have been there longer.

Any other Wells Fargo horror stories?
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