Erin's Musings (dragonsfancy) wrote in bad_service,
Erin's Musings

Bad service at the ER

Okay, let me preface this by saying that I work in an ER, so I know how the general routine of shit works. That being said, I still feel like this doc was out of line.

I have a history of ovarian cysts and after three surgeries, I can pretty much nail down that pain. I started hurting on Sunday and being who I am, I just bolted down Motrin and went on about my business. Monday comes and I'm miserable, but I deal with it. Tuesday, the same thing. However, Wednesday morning rolls around and I've been up all night, hurting. The pain I can stand, but the nausea that invades is something else, entirely. I wake the husband up and we shuffle into the ER around eight a.m. They triage me in rather quickly and take me to a room. The standard blood and urine are taken and then the doc comes in. I explain my symptoms and he presses around here and there and then says that he'll order some tests. He orders pain medicine and shortly after, the nurse comes in and gives me a pain shot and some medicine for nausea that knocks me for a loop. I'm shuffled off to ultrasound and then brought back to my room. Which, by the way is a little exam table no bigger than the one that you'd see in a standard doctor's office. By this time, only an hour has passed since we hit the front door, so all is well. I start getting loopy from the medicine and nearly falling off the little exam table, so the husband goes out to request that I be moved to a room with a stretcher for my own safety. He's assured that they will move me soon.

Here is where the crappy service starts. Five and a half hours pass with no word from anyone. No one popped their head in at all to check on me. About three hours into things, the pain returns, though I'm still loopy from the narcotics. I rang my nurse call button and asked for something non-narcotic for pain. At this point, I'm loopy enough, so I just want something that will deal with the pain, not fry me out of my mind even more than I am. The lady that answered the call said that she would send someone in, but no one ever came. At hour number six, my husband is pissed to hell and back, so he goes out to find out what's going on. The nurse says "OH! We completely overlooked your wife! We'll get her moved, right now." At this point, there's no need. I'm mad as hell and still in pain, not to mention, worried to death about the ultrasound results. I decide that I'd rather just go home than put up with being looked over and forgotten about. The doctor comes in and says that they'll get me something for pain and then bring me this contrast stuff to drink for a cat scan. Which won't take place for two more hours. Despite hurting and wanting to find out what's wrong, I refused the cat scan, stating that I would just follow up with my personal doctor, which in retrospect, I probably should have done in the first place. This doctor loses his shit on me, right there. He starts getting snippy and firing questions at me in a hateful tone of voice.

"Are you medically trained?" When I responded that I was, he came back at me with "So, this makes you an expert?". I responded that no, in fact, it doesn't. That's why I came here. However, I do know what my body is feeling and that it's feeling pain, which has, for the past three or four hours, been forgotten about and looked over. He informs me that he won't give me anything for pain, but that I can sign out AMA and go home, if I wanted to die there.

I feel that's where he crossed the line. I told him, very rudely at this point, to cram his pain pills in his ass and bring me the damn AMA form to sign so I could get the hell out of this band-aid station.

Long story made short. I know I'm going to get flamed to hell and back for this post, but it's all good. No doctor should ever fire back at a patient in such a hateful manner and not expect some flack in return. To that point, I had been nothing but polite, even while hurting. He made me feel as if the whole reason I was there was to get narcotics, even though I requested something non-narcotic. The only problem I had before he came in and started in on me was that I had been left unchecked for five plus hours and totally ignored.

Unless I'm taken there against my will, I won't be returning to that hospital.
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