Mary (megalomaniac972) wrote in bad_service,

'tis the season for bad service......

Verizon....where do I begin? In the fall of last year I moved into my apartment. Shortly after I ordered phone and DSL service through Verizon. The first three or four months we had the DSL were awful. Sometimes it wouldn’t connect for hours on end, other times it be as slow as dial up. I'd call Verizon only to be put on hold for eternity. I timed it once and was on hold for 45 minutes before hanging up. After all that I gave up and eventually the service got better. Then I got my phone bill this month and it was unusually high. I had taken one collect call but that was only a few dollars. Upon further inspection I realized that the "call trace" service I had used twice in one evening was $10 each use. I realized it was a pay per use feature, but I figured it be around a dollar. Seeing how I found the call trace feature in Verizons own phone book I would have figured they would have a disclaimer or something. I thought about calling them up and complaining, but after what I’ve dealt with before I just paid the bill. I'm far too bust to spend that amount of time on hold with the phone company.

DirecTV....I recently decided to get DirecTV. Paid for the installation with my card through some various middle man, no problem. Then called DirecTV to receive service. Had to pay a $50 deposit, this would waive my first month’s bill. First months bill arrives within days, zero balance I toss it. I wait for second month’s bill....and wait....and wait. Realizing that it should have been due in the middle of the month I become more concerned as the month progresses. Finally yesterday I get a bill, saying that I owe for two months, and that I have a past due balance. I call the 800# only to deal with some automated system that goes in circles. The automated system gives me no option to deal with a live Op, in fact all it will due is give me payment options. I get online, pay them my past due balance, and send them a nice little note informing them if they make any more errors I will cancel my service. Do I get an apology? No, just some snarky little e-mail saying they sent to my address, which they forgot to add the apartment number to.

I do want to give a bit of gratitude to Basset Furniture Direct. Their sales people are very helpful, friendly and go above and beyond the call of duty.

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