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Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Below is an email I sent to Bed, Bath and Beyond, regarding my store visit and futile attempt to buy myself some new curtains. My only option was the 1,500 character limit little box to email them in, so it is a bit more awkward than I would like. The shipping fee I am ranting about is a $14.95 fee for four, lightweight, smallish curtain panels. According to the associates I spoke with at the store, paying that fee is the ONLY way to get the 63" curtains, pushing the price ABOVE what I would pay for the in-stock 84" curtains.

The email:

I recently visited your store in Williston, VT and was very disappointed to learn about your Direct Order policy. I was hoping to purchase two pairs of curtains, however you did not have the shorter length I desired in stock. I was initially happy to order them, but found the shipping fees were so high that it would be cheaper to buy the longer curtains, and deal with the inconvenience of hemming them myself. I was shocked that you did not have an option to have the items shipped to the store, so I could pick them up without the astronomical shipping fee. Although I am quite fond of the style of curtains I found at your store, I am reluctant to return to purchase them due to this policy. I simply don't understand the logic behind making a smaller item more expensive. I can't justify paying more money for less fabric.
The item I would like to purchase is the Reflections 63" Tie Top Panel, in Dresden.
In the past I have been very pleased with your service, and I would appreciate a response to see if this matter can be resolved. I am hoping that I was misinformed of your Direct Order policy, and there is a way for me to purchase these curtains. They really would look lovely in my living room, it would be a shame to have to find somewhere else to shop.

These are the the curtains I want. You can't tell from the picture, but they are slightly shimmery and ooooh so pretty.
Maybe I am just being cheap, but I if I am already willing to shell out almost $40 per PANEL (two panels per window, two windows, almost $160 -- well, before my handy coupon), I find it a bit ridiculous for them to tack on such a high shipping fee. I work for a company that ships out its products, and even if those curtains weighed, say, 6lbs and were being shipped clear across the country, it would only cost about $9 for UPS ground, and a bit less for FedEx. And wouldn't it be possible for me to wait an extra couple of weeks and have it arrive in their normal store shipments, and call me when it is ready so I can pick them up? Hell, I would be happy to call THEM regularly to see if they arrived, so they don't have the added hassle of trying to contact me.
Sorry for the ranting, but I don't get the urge to decorate very often, and I apparently get damn pissy when they defy all logic. In my mind, price for small curtains < price for large curtains...

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