Allison (sidekicknomore) wrote in bad_service,

The ticket of errors continues

Original is here:

So I recieved a call this morning at about 10:30 while on my way into work. The woman that called bac kwas very nice and I told her that the number on my ticket was wrong and that my address listed on the ticket was wrong. She said that she could change it and I gave her my new address. She said that I should have recieved a letter from the court but sicne the address was wrong they'd send another ASAP. I then asked her when the court date was.

Her: Tuesday, the 19th.
Me: Mine says the 16th. Is there court on the 16th?
Her: No, its the... is your ticket from a state trooper?
Me: Yes.
Her: Whats the ticket number?
I tell her.
Her: Yes the 19th at 6pm. I don't know if you can fight it that day but.. (she trails off)
Me: Okay. Well I plan on pleading not guilty. There are things wrong on my ticket.
Her: Okay pleading not guilty. Got it. Andything else I can help you with?
Me: No not right now. Thanks

And we hung up. My dad and I have been discussing it. We found that I'm looking at about 4 points and a surcharges not to mention the fine. We've been looking the ticket ovr and over and found that the office might possibly have gotten the offense wrong. he put down 4-98 but apparently because of my rate of speed it should be 4-99. Although there is anouther place on the ticket that lists 4-98 with blanks for the speeding offense. We don't know if thats a mistake or not.

We also noticed that while he wrote down that he was pacing me. He did not check the box for "pacing".

We plan on bringing my fathers lawyer with us on Tuesday wehn we go. He's a close family friend and we trust him. Once I told him about the ticket he insisted on coming along, "just in case" he says. Hopefully the officer will not be able to show or we can get the ticket dropped becasue ofthe errors.
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