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Dont go off on me-this is just a question and I have seen it discussed here before.
A family member owes some money and they sent it to a collections agency. For some reason, they are calling my parents house. We are not entirely sure why as that number has never been said family member's number-we are guessing he gave it out somewhere though. So now the agency calls us 3-4 times a day sometimes very early (7) and sometimes late (10)
(Okay, 10 isnt that late, but for my parents it is)
We have repeatedly told them to stop calling us and given them his real number. Which they call also-3-5 times a day. So they are calling both numbers at least 3 times a day if not more.
I know this is more family suck than bad service, but is there anything we can do to get them to stop calling our home line? And should they be calling that frequently and sometimes after 10? I know this is probably normal (harass the money out of the deadbeat) but its really, really stressing my mom out and they have no reason to be calling our house-all we tell them over and over again is that said family member does not use this number and has never used this number please call him at his number and stop calling us multiple times a day.
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