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Policemen and the speeding ticket of errors

I recieved a speeding ticket on the 3rd of sept. Yes yes I know speeding is bad. I acually didn't pay attention and was kindof matching the speed ofhte only car on the road. Well he noticed the cop car and slowed down and I went to go around him and well.. yeah. So the ticket and speed are my fault, but I have some .... problems with the actual ticket.

First: Wrong address. I have a change of date sticker on the license. Could be easy to miss so this is a minor aggrivation.

Second: The phone number for the court is wrong. Like way wrong. the number he put is 234-0243 and its actually 212-8010. This is a bigger deal because I needed to call the court house to fight the ticket and had to find the correct number. (I looked it up online but for shits and iggles I looked it up in the oldest phonebook I have .. 2 years old... and it still had the correct number.)

Third: The Court date is wrong. When I called the voice answering stated clearly that court is held on Tuesday nights ar 6pm. My ticket clearly states: 09/16/06 6pm.

My court appearance req'd is checked so I have to show up where I play to fight it or not. What if I didn't plan to fight it and I should up just to pay it? Or what if my real court date is tomorrow night and I don't show up? That's an automatic warrant for my arrest. As I'm sure you can imagine its frustrating. And While I understand that the officer of the law is doing his job in pulling me over and I was breaking the law by speeding.... the information on the ticket could at least be right. (btw no lectures on speeding. once he told me how fast I was going it scared me. I've been using cruise control to regulate my speed since then and haven't gone more then 2mph over the speed limit since.)

(PS. The number's are not the actual numbers and the area codes have been left out for a reason. I just wanted to make that point very obvious.)

Update: Called the court again today. 9/11 Still no answer calling different extensions and they didn't answer. Left a message on the administrator's voicemail and again on the regular voicemail. They close in a two minutes. I'll keep you guys informed so you all can know what happens
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