Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

Not in stock

It's been my experience that things on sale in a store's flier, specifically mattresses, are NEVER in stock. What IS in stock for the same price, or $10 or $20 more, is something that is of TERRIBLE quality.

The girls needed a new mattress to replace their cheap bunk bed mattresses. The current mattresses are basically foam mattresses, no coils or anything like that inside the mattress, and were very expensive (rip offs). So the hubby and my mother went to the mattress store and asked if they still had any twin size mattresses, that were on sale in the flier that came out TODAY, but were told, "nope out of stock but we can order them". Length of time to order to arrive? Two to three weeks. BUT they DID have in stock MORE foam mattresses (JUST the mattress not the set) for $179. -_-

What's in their ad? 2-piece twin set, "Steamboat Firm No Flip Mattress" by the Denver Mattress Company for $179. But they're out of stock.

This isn't the first time that we've been mattress shopping and what they advertise in the paper isn't what they have in stock. We've been to that mattress store four time in as many years, figuring it might be management's fault but they've had different managers each time. Nope, this is simply a crooked furniture store getting away with bait and switch techniques. What's more other mattress stores in the area have the SAME practices! "Oh we'll advertise this on sale but it won't be in stock the day the ad comes out but we'll sell this inferior item for the same price as the quality item." Thanks but no thanks, crooks.

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