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These are all problems we are having with our apartment complex.

On 6/21 I moved into my first apartment. Coming up on three months. I've paid rent early every month and done everything to be a good tenant. I don't let random people without keys into our community pool. I don't clog up the dumpster with cardboard. My boyfriend and I are quiet people.


1. On inspection day, I was excited. The apartment looked good. One step into the kitchen and WTF... water... all over the floor. We get them to check it and "honest mistake" the people above us had a flood and apparently they hadn't gotten around to cleaning our apartment. They got some towels, cleaned it up and assured us it was no biggie. So, yeah, we forgave them. No big deal.

2. Whenever we would sit on our patio, our upstairs neighbor's hubby would come out and sweep. We hollered, "Can you please wait until we are done?" after we swept a bunch of dirt and leaves onto our heads. We know he did this on purpose. It just so happened that every single time we would come outside, he would sweep. Any time of day. We never went to management about it, but a few weeks later thankfully they moved out after other complaints. Meanwhile, our other neighbors are still very, very loud.

3. After about three weeks we saw a spider egg and a black widow. Cue me freaking out. My mom was bitten by a black widow and had to be rushed to the hospital. Serious shit with that one. About three or four hidden eggs hatched all over our washing machine. We told management immediately. They said the would send pest control out. So, they did. The guy comes by the house. I thought he was coming much later so I was getting in the shower. I found out pest control guy was at the apartment by him STARING AT ME THROUGH THE WINDOW. I freak out, he apparently gets embarassed and goes to the manager's office. He tells the manager to tell us that he will be back later to spray because he saw me naked and doesn't think I want him to come back in to our apartment. You're damn right, I don't. My boyfriend gets pissed off and goes to the office to tell them how the pest guy was peeping at me. The management literally laughs in his face and says they will send a new guy a few days later. As far as we know, nobody ever came back.

4. This morning, I went to go get my clothes from the washing machine and put them in the dryer. Popped open the washer and what pops out? A fucking RAT. I don't know if it's a phobia but I ran back inside, couldn't breathe and could not stop crying. I was having a panic attack. I call the boyfriend minutes later once I can breathe again... He comes home on lunch, tells management. Lady laughs at him and says, "Whatever you do, don't touch it and we'll have someone come by tomorrow..."

Basically what is happening with our apartment is that no matter what the problem is, they seem to laugh at us and pretend it's the most common thing ever. I don't know how to go about this but I want to move apartments. Ours is all the way at the very beginning of the complex. It's the most removed apartment in the entire complex. At first we thought, "Wow, this will be nice with the privacy" but honestly, it seems as if our apartment is a shit hole. There are bug problems... it's just horrible out here. Also, my parking space is the second one inside the gate. Which means even if I crank the wheel, it's incredibly difficult to park. When I park, I can back up and everything but I almost hit the cars on the other side of me. I'm paying more rent than I should be and had to put down an 800 dollar deposit because I have no renter's history or credit. So I'm paying a lot of rent and had to throw down 800 for a deposit... I am not paying the rent I do and the deposit I did to live in the fucking roach motel.

Any suggestions on what to do?
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