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Partly X-post

Ok, so I had some run ins with evil employees today.

The evilest place of all today. I decided to drop by there today to get some ammo for the new gun since I had a certificate for $10 off a purchase of over $50. So I head in and go back to the area with all the rifles and ammo and what not. I get in line to get my bullets. In front of the line was a woman with a hard rifle case. She was returning the old one because it was too small, but wanted to trade it for another one. She picked one, only it was the last one and there was no price on it, it had been torn off. So she asks the one guy in the department for the price so she could see how much she owed. He doesn't know, so instead of calling up front for a price check, he takes the case and walks up front with it, leaving us all there to wait. This turned into a 20 minute ordeal.

I finally get my bullets, and he won't ring them up back there. Which is fine, whatever. I head up front. I take my place in line behind...the lady with the rifle case. This woman was a burr on my ass the entire time I was there.

So there are three lanes open, two of which opened when customers actually started getting violent. This was the slowest line in the country. I had 6 people in front of me...and stood in line for almost an hour. This was due to the fact that three of those six people wanted to apply for a member card for the store. Which would normally be peachy. But there were at least 35 people behind me in line, and that amount didn't shrink too much when the other registers opened. Common sense...apply for it later. That application takes 600 years to fill out (it gets you points towards $10 off certificates, but with that application you'd think you were applying for a mortgage). Do it another time, not when you have 35 people behind you with hundreds of dollars worth of heavy sports equipment in their arms! And the store itself...they should have made people apply for those cards at the customer service desk, or at least make them step to the side and take the next person in line while they try to remember the maiden name of their great grandmother's cousin's neighbor's sister's mother-in-law's mother.

I finally get rung up. Now, the man behind me in line was the evil customer from hell. He was loudly insulting the cashier to everyone who would listen. It wasn't completely her fault. Sure, she decided to stop with the woman with the rifle case and search through every newspaper in NC to find a price, and to also call every Dick's Sporting Goods store this side of Mississippi River (she spent at least 15 minutes just with this woman...why was this not handled at customer service, it was an exchange! That's where it is suppossed to be done, there are signs all over! Enforce it!). But shit's, like, four days before Christmas. I wasn't about to give the girl a hard time, but I wasn't going to fight with the guy behind me...he had a rifle. So I didn't say a thing to her, never agreed with the man behind me I just looked at him like he was a retard with a camo painted rifle, and went on with it.

She rings up my ten boxes of 40 calibur bullets, 50 rounds a box. I tell you this because these are not light boxes. Somewhere along the line, she decided to be a vindictive bitch. Instead of putting the bullets into two bags so I could carry one in each hand, she triple bags all the boxes in one lump. She couldn't even lift the fucking bag. She gives me this nasty smile, and really mean like says, "Good luck with that!" I looked her right in the eye, smiled, said, "Have a good holiday!" then reached over the counter and took the bag with one hand and walked out, carrying all ten boxes with one hand. Ah, when attempts to be a nasty bitch backfire. Ma'am, take it out on the ones who are being nasty, not the ones who are leaving you alone. Either way, I tote carts of coin daily that make that bag a feather weight, so fuck you.


I stopped by Wendy's on my way home for something to drink and for some chicken nuggets. I've had a damn craving for a week for chicken nuggets. So I go through the drive through window. Window one, I pay. I pull up to window 2 and see the same guy from window 1 in the background. Now he's using hand motions to bring other people over. He points to me and laughs. Then the other three guys are staring at me once they stop laughing because they notice I'm looking right at them. I have no idea what they were saying since the window was closed (and now I know why), but seeing as he pointed and they all laughed, I'm pissed off. I understand store employees make fun of the customers. But to be so blatant about it.

Of course, there was no manager available. I tried calling later on, the line was busy for over an hour. The website gives almost no information for contacting anyone to file a formal complaint. But bet your ass I'm filing a complaint. If I have to go back tomorrow, I will, receipt in hand. I am getting just a little too sick of people. And especially someone like that...the man was so god ugly he better have a hefty inheritance coming if he ever wants to get himself a woman, and even then she'd have to be blind, deaf, retarded, and in a coma. But, if need be, I'll write the main office a letter, or maybe get someone to get me their 800 number or something. Or I could just keep calling. If I keep calling and that line is forever plugged up, you better believe my fat ass will be in there on the counter demanding to speak to a manager (and I'll probably end up doing it in uniform). I know shit happens, but you aren't going to do that and not get shit back from me. If you want to make fun of customers, do it when they pull off, like normal human beings. Dumb fuckers.

May I scream now?

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