Official Last Call Flip Cup Champion (bkmichele) wrote in bad_service,
Official Last Call Flip Cup Champion

Cafe Sevilla

Last night the SO and I went downtown to have dinner and a few drinks. Dinner went perfectly and then we walked across the street to Cafe Sevilla. It was fine until the bill came.
He'd been drinking sangria, which was listed on the menu as $4.50 and I was drinking a Riesling, listed at $7.75 per glass.

The bill arrived, totally computerized, listing the sangria at $5 and the wine at $8.25. We were both pretty smashed and didn't really feel like getting into a drunken argument over $6 with a sober bartender, but it still sucks.

I've been thinking about this a little, and I cannot figure out why the prices were all increased. If they had raised the prices and not reprinted the menus, that's pretty shitty (especially considering the menus are merely laminated paper). And if the bartender was trying to get some extra for himself, isn't that pointless considering the bill was computerized? I'm more curious about that than anything...

Oh, and to top the night off, our cabbie on the way home kept yelling at us that there was no kissing allowed in his cab!
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