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After a little over a year with this man, during my last appointment
I walked out while he was still talking. I only went in that day to ask for
a referral to another doctor, as I am moving pretty far away and I know 
that these doctors generally require a referral for their services.  He 
asked why I needed one, I attempted to explain my situation. Then he
asked about my symptoms as of late and before I got three words out
began telling me about THE book that would change my life and way of
thinking completely. I've been very unsatisfied with him for some time now
and have only made the last few appointments to appease my mother.
There's a lot that has happened but it's entirely TOO MUCH to type out.
Basically he's an arrogant asshole who pays little/no attention to me
when I'm in his office and frequently holds up a hand to shush me when
his cell phone rings or when he gets an email notification [I always hear
the computer beep] and turns his attention to either of those things, and
it is generally a personal call/email as I've heard him talking to his wife.

I took my lunch break at nine in the morning so that I could get this referral
and be on my way back to work. I did not desire to get into anything personal
at all. The last several times I've been to his office, I manage MAYBE a sentence
before he begins promoting a book to me just to write me a prescription and
shove me out the door before my hour is up. I was paying $90 an hour to
listen to him talk about a book and shove some pills at me, never getting
a word in edgewise. I know what this kind of doctor does, but he needs SOMETHING
from me before prescribing shit. After about twenty minutes, I got up and told 
him I needed to go back to work [he arrived late for the appointment] as I
had taken my lunch for it.
He's still blabbing about this doctor/writer as I'm opening the door and walking out.
He does stop to say, repeatedly, "I GUESS I JUST MISSED THE MARK WITH YOU."


So that was the end of our relationship, essentially. Me walking out and telling him
not to worry about the referral or anything else.

This just came in the mail yesterday:

Dear Jennifer,

As you may know, my first obligation as a medical doctor is to provide safe and
effective care to all my patients. This I can only do in the context of a satisfactory
physician/patient relationship in which we must both participate willingly. As it
appears that we no longer have this I must formally terminate the physician/patient

You requested some information about psychiatrists in Boston and I picked three listings
from the Yellow Pages. They are all on Boylston Street which is a popular section of Boston
within walking distance of the Public Garden and the Boston Commons.

[insert three listings here]

It seems that you feel that the treatment is not necessary, but you will recall that I
indicated to you that, in my opinion, it is extremely important that you continue your
treatment. In fact, at your last appointment I saw symptoms that were not present
before that may change your diagnosis and hence treatment.

Since you are unwilling to continue to see me, comply with treatment, and for the 
reasons already mentioned, I regret to inform you that I will not be in a position to
provide you with further medical services after September 18. Until that date I will be
avaliable to render emergency medical services to you, but I will not be able to provide
elective care.

I urge you to obtain the services of another physician satisfactory to you as soon as 
possible. When you have had an opportunity to see your new physician, please ask him 
or her to contact me and, with your consent, I will be pleased to provide a summary of 
my care of you while you have been my patient. 

If you remain in the Longview area:

[three more listings]

Yours truly,


1. I ended the physician/patient relationship a few weeks ago. This is just silly. It makes me
feel like I'm in a highschool relationship gone wrong and he's claiming that he dumped me
when I dumped him. Does that make sense? It's as though he had to have the last word?
As for the yellow pages listings, I could have done as much myself and saved his postage.

2. I was not willing to comply or continue because he was taking $90 an hour from me to
handle personal business, not listen to me, and cut my time short. There were a few occasions
on which he practically pushed me out the door fifteen minutes early just to get to the next
patient.  On one occasion I was scheduled late in the day and right after I sat down he said,
"You'll have to excuse me, it's my son's birthday and I need to be at ChuckECheese's in about
ten minutes. Can we reschedule?" Um. I understand that you have a personal life, but why
the FUCK was I scheduled to be here when you had other obligations? I just drove twenty
minutes for nothing? 

3. I became wary of his prescribing meds to me after he gave me a script for Wellbutrin and 
said that it would "make me lose weight, stop smoking, and be less anxious" and I experienced
a lot more than that. After just a few days on it, I was shaking uncontrollably, I was always nauseous,
I had very very strange headaches and felt my skull rattling. I was extremely paranoid to the point
of not being able to walk outside alone and crying once I was out the door, and I was completely
convinced that there were zombies outside my windows and that night was the beginning of the
apocalypse. I wish I could explain exactly how crazy I felt, and I honestly thought it had nothing to 
do with the meds because he hadn't mentioned any of those side effects. However, after a few 
days it clicked and I went to the medication's website Not only did I find the cause of my problems, but also
saw that I was on the highest recommended dosage and hadn't been built up to it. He had just started me
at the max dosage when with other meds he had slowly built me up on them [does that make 
sense?] I contacted this doctor and he took two days to respond, saying  only  "Come in to my office and I'll find something else for you to take."

I believe I made another post about him here some months back as well.

Am I wrong in thinking he's a shitty doctor?

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