fruitynutcake (fruitynutcake) wrote in bad_service,


Has anyone had any luck with registering a complaint via the US Postal Service's website? As in, did your issue get addressed and was the problem solved?

I've now had my mail thrown on the ground twice, rather than placed in my streetside mailbox. The first time didn't bother me so much - mistakes happen, and it was only a postcard a friend sent because she just liked the picture.

The second time, though, it was a letter wanting me to buy car insurance - and it had apparently been opened before it was thrown on the ground, as the letter and envelope were lying not too far apart, but not close enough to touch.

Naturally, this concerns me in a number of ways. What if something important is lost, stolen, or tampered with someday? GRR. I'm way out in the woods, and its a rural carrier who apparently drives his own vehicle, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it either...

All I want is my mail delivered to me properly without being left in the dirt to be rained on. Any suggestions for resolving this without alienating myself from the postal service? People tend to hold grudges around here.
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