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Have you seen my net adapter?

First time poster... Hi Everyone!

First of all I need to give you some background info... Me and my neighbours had a small party on Midsummer's Eve. Not too many people, pretty nice and relaxed. I had my laptop running on my desk, since every now and then I would go in and exchange a few words with my beloved LJ friends. A good time were had by all until... someone spilled half a glass of wine over my most precious possession. My laptop. Now it would probably not have been a disaster had the puter not been running, but since it were, the keyboard shortcircuited and the enter key decided to get stuck. *sighs* I went out of town for a week, leaving my puter to dry up and when i get back it was still wonky so I decided to turn it in for service. HA!

On the 5th of July I turn my puter in for service to the Hellspawns that I bought it from. At the time I brought my netadapter with me, since it was attached to the computer and I forgot to remove it. When dealing with the idiot (more than a few crackers short of a box) behind the counter I point out that they probably don't need the net adapter, but he whines about having already written it into the computer, so I let him take it. BAD IDEA! To make a long story shorter, I turned the puter in and then nothing happened and nothing happened and nothing happened. When it had been gone for almost a month I called them and asked for how long I could expect it to be gone. They said at least two weeks. I glared a little at the phone and told them it had been gone for a month already. Ooops the Hellspawn said and two days later I got an SMS telling me that I could pick it up. *sighs* One would think the story ends here, but oh no... It has only just begun.

I go to the store and pick my puter up. The idiot (yes the same one) gives it back to me (after looking for it for about ten minutes when it was right in front of his face) and I give it one long hard look... Then I say: Where is my net adapter? He goes into another half hearted search frency and can't find it. So he asks me if I really sent it. I point to the line that says net adapter included and he has to search once again. When he comes up with nothing he speaks to the manager, comes back and send me home with the puter saying they will call me... HA! Here begins my woes... They are completely in every way impossible to get a hold of, they have two phonenumbers... One is always busy and no one answers on the other. GAH! After one week I'm getting very impatient and so starts our phoneconversations that always end with, it will be here by the end of the week. I called a gazillion times, they promised to call me back a gazillion times... They NEVER did. The only time they did call is when my mother (against my advice) called them only to hear the same lame excuses I've been getting. We didn't lose it, the service firm did, they have ordered a new one, it will be here before the weekend, you will be compensated. Three weeks ago, I gave up and bought myself a new net adapter for 60 euros, since the lap top had up until then been as useful as a broken plate and I actually have it because I need it for school. *g* Upon hearing this, they said I could keep the one I bought until the real one arrived and then I could return it to them. I was like: Bitch!person I did not buy it from you BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE ANY! I can hardly return it after using it to some other store because you fucked up.

This was three weeks ago... I haven't heard from them since. I've been without my net adapter for almost six weeks now. :0( This whole debacle wouldn't have made half as mad if the Hellspawns had just been a slight bit forthcoming. Had they called me every now and then to tell me of the progress I would not have wished for all of them to die and the place to burn down. Picking up the phone is not that hard people!

*tries calling number one* Oh no answer....

*tries calling number two* No answer there either...

One wonders if they killfiled me so that their phones flash and annoying person calling whenever I try to get a hold of them. *shakes head*

EDIT: I managed to get someone to talk to me... He also read to me everything that was in my 'file' even though I'm sure he cut out a few annoying bitch comments. *lol* Apparently the service company did not order a new net adapter until two weeks ago. WTF at that point I had already missing it for almost a month. GAH!

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