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Not so fast food...

Was on my way home from uni, there's a McDonalds within walking distance of the train station - they're usually a little slow there but nothing horrible, until today. Not so sure how much is bad service and how much is me being impatient but I thought I'd share.

I walked in around 1pm, there were 2 registers open each with 3 people on them.
I chose the one nearest the door. First order (that he was dealing with when I walked in) took 5 minutes, in that time the girl in front of me walked out.

First order was done and the guy in front ordered, got his stuff (again, slowly) and paid. At this point another guy that came in behind me but chose the other line is now being served.

I walk up to the counter while the guy is counting the change from the last order. No problem, I understand he wants to make sure it's all good and is put in the right place - except when he's done he doesn't even acknowledge me. No "I'll be with you in a moment" nothing. Then he walks off. He's also doing drive-thru so I figure he'll be back in a minute...

He dicks around with the fries (seriously, just walked over and shook them) gets a drive thru order, pokes at another machine (doesn't *do* anything) goes back to the fries... The other girl is done with her order (and has been looking at me on/off the whole time) looks straight at me and then calls the girls behind me over, then looked at me again as if daring me to say something.
Around this point the guy is chatting with the guys in the back and tells them to "get their balls into gear"

At least 8 minutes passed, the guy finally came back and took my order - had to repeat things but he got it right. Unfortunately it was half cold. I was pissed off but polite, amd in the end was in there about 18 minutes (and missed my train).
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